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African Honey Bee's, Fire Ants, Crickets, Roaches

African Honey Bees

There are plenty of other pest out there that you try to keep out of your home. Some insects act as food for others, amplifying your problem. Africanized honey bee's should be treated as a major problem and removed at the first notice of a hive. Crickets, ants & roaches are great foods for spiders & scorpions, and as such, need to be controlled with frequent pest control visits.

Don't Give Pest's A Home for Infestation

Prevention is key to keeping pest problems in check. Keep your trash away from your home and be sure to empty inside bins as frequent as possible. If organic mater is in your trash, just take it out and don't wait. The smell will attract insects, whether you can smell it or not. Also be sure to seal your home with weather stripping, screens & door jams to prevent the bugs entrance.

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Remove & Prevent Ants & Other Insects From Being In Your Home

Getting rid of insects & arachnids usually consists of extermination using pesticides. Typically, when pests appear, a food source in the house is present. Remove the food and remove the problem. Regular bug sprays is the best route to long term pest prevention.