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Bird Relocation & Nest Removal - Large & Small

Prevent Birds From Nesting

Nesting birds cause damage to your home, carry disease & excrimate on your property. Birds like pigeons choose overhangs, ledges & attic accesses for making their homes. A common sight is a pigeons nest above the front door of a home that contains little ones or eggs that the parents protect viciously. Pigeons will dive bomb pass-er-by's and leave a large puddle of debris and feces below their nests.

How To Prevent Birds From Nesting On & Around Your Home

Protecting your home from birds nesting too close comes in different levels. The first would be to remove all nests visible and attempt to seal all holes leading to your attic. If birds percist, an owl is a common remedy that works most times. Don't fail to think about the possiblility that one larger birds nest in your back yard may be doing the same as an owl would on your roof so don't always remove all nest if you know this to be the case.


Most Large Residentially Dwelling Birds Have Addapted To Recognize Humans As A Source Of Food

In the larger, downtown areas, birds have evolved to recognize humans as a great source of food, quite simply we leave scraps or toss them their way. Because of this, birds are more often nesting in areas closer and closer to humans. To limit thier nesting area, a last resort to the previous prescribed options is to have small, plastic spikes installed to deter them from landing. We will help describe to you what they are and install the spikes to prevent further anoyance.