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Pest Control


We Exterminate Pests & Remove Nuisances

Exterminate Spiders and Other Pests

It's easy to have a professional pest control specialist visit your home and rid it of the scorpions, black widows, crickets, cockroaches & other pests that have plagued you. When removing pests from your home, we work to ensure that the entrances the pests used to get in are sealed, blocked or removed. For pest extermination, we use the appropriate pesticides based on your homes' needs; plants, pets, children, etc.

Rodent, Scorpion, Snake & Spider Removal

Some pests are best handled with simple removal while others need to be exterminated for there to be a full effect. Most rodents can be removed. Patches can cover their former entrances and the removal of debris along the house line and from the seals on your doors, windows & garage door will prevent it from happening again. Snakes too are easy to remove and relocate. Scorpions and spiders however are best to address with pesticide sprays and granules.


Insects Like Cockroaches, Beetles, Bugs & Crickets are Exterminated Through Frequent Visits

As with the arachnids, insects like cockroaches, beetles, crickets & other bugs are best handled with pesticide sprays and granules. If your area is prone to certain pests, frequent visits will ensure they stay outside and now in.

Extermination visits by your industry professionals are quick & effective. It is easy to set up an appointment with one of our professional today to come clean out your bug problem. Contact us through any of the many forms found on this site or by simply sending an email to ContactUs@cainsectcontrol.com. Pest Control Professionals are standing by to help.