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In order to get you to the page you need, look through this guide and locate the page best for you. Pest control has been broken down into categories to best organize the info on insects, arachnids, termites, rodents & all other pests.

California Pest Control Home Page - Find everything you need to get the pest out of your home. We offer tips to help control minor problems and service to solve all your pest problems.

We Solve California's Bee, Ant, Bug & Insect Problems - Have ants been making their way into your kitchen? Find out how we get rid of these and other pest with our monthly spray service.

Do You Have A Wasp Nest or Bee Hive Causing Problems - This page will give you details on what to do if you find a hive. Be sure to keep small animals indoors when a wasp nest or bee hive is found.

Get Bird Out Of Your Yard and Pigeons Off Your Home - Get rid of those annoying pigeons that divebomb your guests as they come up the front walkway. Nests can be removed and preventative measures can be taken.

Find Details On The Extermination Process We Use To Rid Your Home Of Bugs And Pests - Extermination consists of clean up and prevention. On this page you will find info on the methods we use to rid your home of bugs.


Do You Need Residential Or Commercial Pest Control Service - Learn what we can do for you business or home. Commercial visits are easy since most of the products need to keep pest away can be applied prior to opening or after you close.